Caucus Endorsed



Caucus members are residents and parents in District 109, who come from a variety of personal and professional backgrounds.


“These 22 Caucus members represent a vibrant cross-section of our community, and 14 of them are serving for the first time,” Mutnick said.


Nineteen currently have children in 109 schools. Most serve, or have served, in various roles within the district, including as part of PTOs, 109 task forces, and others.


After five hours of lively deliberation and voting, the Caucus finished endorsing the four candidates around 12:30 a.m. on Friday, December 11, 2020. 


“I was so impressed with all of our members’ hard work, attention to detail, and passion for our community and the issues at hand," Mutnick continued. “They were determined to ensure that only highly qualified candidates could earn our support. They kept open minds and the tenor of the discussions was insightful, respectful, and thorough.”


First-time member Kate Joyce said she was impressed by the “hours and hours” the Caucus spent vetting the candidates and her interactions with other members across the process.


“I really enjoyed meeting people from our community with differing backgrounds and views, and hearing why their opinions were important to them,” Joyce said. “We were able to finalize endorsements that I felt proud of because we allowed the process to happen. We did the homework and contributed as a team to reach that consensus.”


The DPS District 109 Caucus is a nonpartisan, community-based organization dedicated to maintaining and expanding the tradition of excellence manifest in Deerfield's elementary and middle schools, with its role in candidate endorsement at the core of its commitment to the citizens and students served by District 109 schools.


All candidate interviews were held virtually and recorded.